All our projects adopt the simple three stepped methodology to achieve bespoke creative solutions




Documentation & Mapping

Over a decade we have been involved in measured drawings, condition assessments, urban area mapping and appraisals ranging from single buildings to entire colonial settlements.

Intervention Design

Our expertise lies in contemporary interventions in historic buildings and settings varying in scale from signage design to building extensions and urban design solutions


Our work has been supported by robust academic research, we often collaborate with academics, historians, artists, policy planners, legal experts depending on the complexity of the project.

Community Engagement

We believe that urban conservation has to be community led and supported, we incorporate in each of our projects a component of engaging with the stakeholders to spread awareness and empower them to be custodians of their heritage through interactive workshops.


Our core focus is on reaching out and sharing the learning from each of our projects in the form of blogs, articles in newspapers and journals as well as academic publications.

Allied Design

We believe that heritage is cross-disciplinary and our work employs the use of allied design instruments such as graphic design, documentaries, websites, exhibitions, photography to communicate the leanings of the projects.




A young and dynamic team of architects, we brew fresh talent and encourage out of the box thinking. The core values of ATA are perseverance, sincerity and hard work that have remained engrained in every project as we evolve as a reputed professional practice. Since its inception in 2007, the practice has grown to be recognised as a pioneering initiative striving to make conservation popularist movement rather than an elitist exercise.

Aishwarya Tipnis
Aishwarya Tipnis

ATA is headed by award-winning architect Aishwarya Tipnis. Her deep understanding of the Indian context coupled with her training in Britain enables her to develop bespoke solutions that are both global in approach and apt in the local context. She has over a decade of experience in the field of architectural and urban conservation and has pioneered several urban conservation and building restoration projects in India. Aishwarya is the recipient of the highest civilian honour in the culture sector the insignia of Chevalier des Arts et des Lettre (Knight of the Arts and Letters), by the Government of France in 2018 for her outstanding commitment to the preservation of French Heritage in West Bengal. She is also the recipient of the UNESCO Award for Heritage Conservation in the Asia-Pacific Region (Award of Merit: Mahidpur Fort & Honourable Mention for  Doon School, Dehradun) in 2016. She is the recipient of the Commonwealth Professional Fellowship 2011, Bonjour India Embassy of France Travel Fellowship 2010, Scottish International Scholarship 2006, as well as the IHBC Gus Austley Award 2007, Architectural Heritage Society of Scotland Award 2007. She has authored a book on "Vernacular Traditions: Contemporary Architecture" as well as multiple articles on heritage conservation in leading dailies. She is currently a visiting faculty to Department of Urban Design at the School of Planning & Architecture New Delhi. 

Rajatesh Maji
Rajatesh Maji
Chief Technical Advisor

Rajatesh Maji an alumnus of School of Planning & Architecture New Delhi has a decade long experience in construction management as well as real estate market strategy. He is the Founder & Managing Director of Maji Realty, a company involved in green field developments. He is the chief advisor to ATA on their project implementation strategies and brings to the team a practical and realistic approach.

Bhaswati,        Ananya,       Nabiha,       Anushka,       Somya
Bhaswati, Ananya, Nabiha, Anushka, Somya
Studio Team