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Studio Culture,

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We often talk to so many of our friends and learn if they like or dislike their place of work based on the vibe of their studio culture. So, we asked Ms.Aishwarya Tipnis (Founder) so we knew what the studio ideology and concept was. To figure out whether the studio’s founding principles and ideologies were being translated and felt in the studio culture and vibe we asked some ex-studio ATA’s alums who had been part of the studio for a long time what they felt. 

Here are their perceptions and testimonials in their own words that we have compiled, to better understand the studio culture, and hope to grow more in the coming future.


Aishwarya Tipnis, Founder


“Our studio is like a finishing school. We take in young professionals and short stay interns and help them hone their skills to becoming better architects before they move on to other things. We have a very open environment, where everyone gets to interact with everyone there is no hierarchy, everyone is always accessible. We encourage people to ask questions, make mistakes and then learn from them.”

Samragee Paul:

Journey from two months to four years

I joined Aishwarya Tipnis Architects in June 2014 for a short period of two months but then I believe destiny has destined something else for me and I ended up spending 4 years as most beautiful and enjoyable time of my life. It's really difficult to sum up my four years journey into a short note but I will try to manage it somehow.


Learnings at ATA


Earlier I worked in Architecture firms where we make buildings on a blank site or do interiors of new buildings. But here at ATA we used to work on Conservation projects and let me tell you it's more difficult than to build something on a blank site. In conservation you need to capture your client’s aspirations and desires and shape them to fit into an existing structure of approximately 100 years old or may be more which sometimes is crumbling or hiding its own flaws. And your duty or responsibility as an architect is to make that building stand for more centuries and also make the users happy so that they may feel pride in living there. This is what ATA gives you apart from the monthly salary. The learnings and experiences a person gains at ATA is beautiful and can't be expressed in words.


Aishwarya ma'am and Rajatesh Sir are the super cool and super chilled bosses, excuse me I am saying this from my personal experience as of now I have worked in 6 offices in 6 years of my experience and out of which I happily spent four years. 

Another reason to live here is Aishwarya ma'am is a combination of beauty, brains and immense patience to handle an individual. She has a different angle to see people, she doesn't offer jobs to the opportunist but to those who are honest and are ready to do hard work as she says nobody knows nothing. It is us who learns and it's her who will make us learn, oh I missed to add she is a good teacher, and a faculty at SPA Delhi.


Life at ATA


How can I miss the parties and trips at ATA. I was the cake girl of ATA, well yeah, I got this tag at office since I was always found eating cake in most of the photographs of ATA. This is something I miss now. Most of the times we are bit occupied with hard deadlines but with such cool bosses and easy-going colleagues we always manage to finish our work on time or with little delayed deadlines. 


Last but not the least, ATA always encourages its employees to do excel in their life be it further studies or working in a bigger firm. They always care for their employee’s betterment and will help them in achieving their dreams and will help in adding extra wings to fly higher.

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