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Usually it is us that get interviewed for jobs, today we decided to reverse the tables and do a quick getting to know each other, explore the perceptions we have about each other and about the place we work.


AT: Aishwarya Tipnis

VJ: Vaibhav Jain

VB: Vaswati Bhattacharya

AA: Ananya Asthana

AJ: Aashi Jain

We designed a set of questions and all answered them separately to find how much or how little we know about ATA and AT!


1.      Why did your start ATA?

VJ: She wanted to do conservation, but not necessarily monuments and so she started her own practice to do some interesting projects.

VB: I think it was because she always wanted to do something of her own.

AA: Because she didn’t want to compromise her ethics and principles, maybe?

AJ: Because she had her own identity which, she knew, could be conveyed only when her individuality is retained.

AT: Because the market didn’t have any jobs for me, so I invented one for myself.


2.      If you weren’t an architect, what would you be?

VJ: Chartered accountant

VB: A lawyer

AA: A lawyer or a journalist

AJ: Writer

AT: I would have worked in intelligence.


3.      Which is your favorite project and why?



AA: Seth Ram Lal Khemka Haveli, because I love the way it’s heritage envelope has been restored so sensitively. That is definitely one project I wish I could have been a part of.

AJ: Seth Ram Lal Khemka Haveli, (Why? Have you really even seen the before-after photographs?)

AT: Every project brings new lessons and there is a special place in my heart for each.


4.      Which color defines you the best?

VJ: Green

VB: Royal Blue

AA: Yellow

AJ: White

AT: White


5.      Your kind of place is…

VJ: Dehradun

VB: Kolkata

AA: Hills, fireplace and lots of books

AJ: Rustic with a tinge of nature (Read: Historic Towns)

AT: Calm and serene, without internet.


6.      You’re most comfortable wearing…

VJ: Saree

VB: Salwar Kameez

AA: Salwar Suit

AJ: Saree

AT: My honesty.


7.      Favorite food…

VJ: Italian

VB: Non-Vegetarian Chinese Food

AA: Chinese

AJ: Italian Food

AT: Mum’s food.


8.      On a Sunday, we’ll find you…

VJ: Working

VB: Dining with her closest friends

AA: Watching Netflix

AJ: with coffee and a good book

AT: Grocery Shopping.


9.      5 songs on your playlist

VJ: ‘Yaariyan’ Cocktail, ‘Mana ki hum yaar nahin’ Meri pyaari Bindu, ‘Dil se re’ Dil Se, ‘Do naina aur ek kahani’ Masoom

VB: ‘Mujhe chod do, Mere haal pe’ Lootera, ‘Dil hai chota sa’ Roja, ‘Do dil mil rahe hai’ Pardes

AA: ‘Mana ki hum yaar nahin’ Meri pyaari Bindu, ‘Jab koi baat bigad jaye’ Jurm, ‘Yaariyan’ Cocktail

AJ: I have no idea about this one

AT: It keeps changing every day. Today it’s ‘Everything I do’ Bryan Adams, ‘These are a few of my favorite things’ The sound of music, ‘Yaariyan’ Cocktail, ‘Yellow’ Coldplay and ‘That thing you do’ The Wonders


10. What era would you like to be reborn in?

VJ: The British Era

VB: The Colonial Era

AA: Around 17th century, like the Industrial Revolution

AJ: Maybe the Baroque-Rococo Era

AT: 1930’s


11. Which 3 qualities defines you the best:

VJ: Ambitious, Caring and Fun

VB: Ambitious, Caring and Methodical

AA: Ambitious, Empathetic and Methodical

AJ: Ambitious, Assertive and Fun

AT: Ambitious, Strict and Empathetic


12. One word questions:

·         Money or Passion                            :                       Passion

·         Good book or Good movie              :                       Both

·         Morning or Evening                         :                       Midnight

·         Chai or coffee                                  :                       Coffee

·         Cats or Dogs                                    :                       Neither

·         Delhi or Mumbai                              :                       Both, maybe also Calcutta

·         Summers or Winters                         :                       Spring and Autumn

·         Comedy or Horror                            :                       Comedy

·         Sweet or Salty                                  :                       Salty

·         Phone or Computer                          :                       Notebook and Sketchbook


We at ATA believe in working in a small team, without any borders, where we can talk about anything under the sun and ask questions and laugh about the silliest things!

Keep looking out for this space in case you want to be part of our team, we usually post our vacancies here!

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